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What is SpeedSchmooze.com? What is SpeedSchmooze.com?
Simply put, Speedschmooze.com is organized networking.
In today's fast-paced business world, efficiency is paramount; gone are the days of networking over a 2 hour lunch meeting! The SpeedSchmooze.com concept is simple - we facilitate multiple "power meetings" between potential business contacts in an allotted amount of time.
Would a Speed Schmooze Fit Into My Event?
If you'd like a networking component at your event, the answer is yes. By adding a Speed Schmooze to your Conference, Annual Sales Meeting, Trade Show or Event, networking becomes highly efficient and fun at the same time. With the assistance of our customized Design Meeting Software, SpeedSchmooze.com offers a solution to any networking scenario - SpeedSchmooze.com will work with you to create your customized networking session.
Some Available Features and Options:
  1. The Original SpeedSchmooze Concept: We facilitate power meetings between specific groups of people you want meeting each other at your event. (i.e. Venture Capitalists meeting New Businesses)
  2. Choose-Your-Own Meetings (New!) : Participants can choose whom they would like to meet in advance of the event from a list of attendees.
  3. On-line Contact Directory: No need for your participants to exchange business cards - we provide them with a link to an online contact directory of attendees.
...and More!

Schmooze It or Lose It!
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Interested in having a networking event arranged for you? Have a request as to what kind of networking event you'd like to participate in? Please contact us at: info@speedschmooze.com.
Did you know...
70 to 80 percent of jobs are found through personal contacts or networking and not advertised positions? It really is who you know, not what you know.
Some other info
SpeedSchmooze.com is a sister company of 25dates.com
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